Chamber Music 2019- Regulation

Last updated  26/06/2017 (*)


Participation in the competition is open to instrumental chamber music groups of any nationality, from duo to octet, with the exception of voice formations.

Cat. JuniorThe age of each member of the chamber group (ensemble) must be less than or equal to 22 years on the date of deadline 

Cat. Senior -  No age limits.


Participation takes place by sending one or more videos (or links to them) of their artistic performance. 

The evaluation by the jury is done only through watching submitted videos. The links submitted must therefore be correct and active on the platform at the time of the hearings.


Video allowed

Allowed only recent videos and not older than two years. Videos must be actually performed by the chamber group (ensemble) enrolled. 

The video recording must be made without introduction of video effects and in particular audio that modifies the sound. 

Allowed are either Links to the videos of public channels (video sharing sites like Youtube, Myspace, Vimeo, etc.) or loaded at the time of compilation of the entry form. In the latter case video formats admitted may be only the following: .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPG, .MP4. In this case, the file must be named with the name of the chamber group (ensemble), followed by the track name in program (ex. MyGruppo chamber-BrahmsQuartet). If the video contains all the songs performed then it is sufficient to indicate the name of the chamber group (ex. MyGruppo chamber)



The program is free. Also allowed transcriptions or arrangements.

The performance of the chamber group can be sent in the format of one or more videos.

The video duration requested is intended from the first track of the video itself.


Video length

The total length of the performance must not exceed 15 minutes total for chamber group.



The registration deadline is set at 31st December 2018 

The results of the competition will be announced by the end of February 2019.

For organizational reasons, the Competition Management reserves the power to modify those dates; changes will be communicated on the website.


The jury committee shall be chosen by ONSTAGE Committee and consists of professional musicians. Other professionals in various fields of music may be invited to join such as music critics, promoters, concert organizers, etc.

The Jury Committee has the authority to stop listening if the total length of the video presented should exceed the required duration of the competition. 

The decision of the Jury Committee is final and definitive.

The votes are expressed in arithmetical score from 0 to 10, as a result of the average of the marks given by individual Commissioners. The points, from one to ten, are allocated by common criteria such as Technical mastery, Artistic expression and Fellowship of the chamber group (ensemble).  In case of a tie, the President of the Commission will have the casting vote. 


The curriculum vitae of each candidate will not be notified in advance to the members of the Jury Committee so as not to influence the vote, but eventually made known at the end of the evaluation

Each member of the jury that has had  personal or professional contact with the participant is required to abstain from voting

The jury committee is asked to operate on common evaluation criteria. It aims to reward not only technical proficiency but also and above all the expressive skills of the performers, their ability to engage the listener, their communicative power, the ability to express their personality with fantasy, without changing the overall meaning of the opera.













Junior section

First, Second and Third  prize 

First, Second and Third prize will be published on the On Stage Competition website for at least one year in the section dedicated to winners with video, photos, biography and name of the teacher.

First prize will be awarded with the Winner Certificate.

Second and Third prizes will receive a Certificate of Merit.

Olympus will offer one Hi-Res sound recorder LS-100 (value 400$)  to the best rated junior chamber music group.


For the First prize no ex-aequo allowed. 


Senior section

First prize 

First prize will be awarded to the best ranked musician exceeding the score of 95/100.

First prize: a concert offered by La Camera Chiara of Milan - 2019 Season.

The concert will be remunerated by ON STAGE Competition  with €500 as a reimbursement of expenses.  

Ex-aequo prizes are not allowed.

The  winner ensemble will be published on the On Stage Competition website for at least one year in the section dedicated to winners, with video, photos, biography and interview. 

If the winner can not take part in the concert, the Concert/reimboursement will be assigned to the following ranked winner.


Senior section

Second and Third prize

The Second and the Third prizes will receive a Certificate of merit

Olympus will offer two Hi-Res sound recorders LS-12 (value 150$ each).

In case of ex-aequo winners the two prizes will be assigned basing on the best rating

They will be published on the On Stage Competition website for at least one year in the section dedicated to winners with photos and biography.


Senior Section

London Master Classes will be delighted to offer a Bursary (to cover the tuition fee) for the Summer Master Course 2019 to an exceptional, pianist, violinist or cellist to be selected by Professor Norma Fisher, President of the Jury 


They will be published on the On Stage Competition website for at least one year in the section dedicated to winners with video, photos and biography.



General rules 

All those who are indicated by the Jury as worthy of a special mention for strong or particular skills, will be published on the page dedicated to the winners


The winners will receive prize notification via email prior to publication on the website


Other prizes  can be  offered by sponsors.

The organization reserves the right to increase the value of prizes. 

The Committee reserves the right not to award prizes should the executions not reach the artistic level required, or to assign the prizes, if an opportunity is deemed from voting.


The request for participation can be completed either online or by filling in a registration form and sending it. For details about how to fill in the registration form, go to the website

For any question relating to technical difficulties or connection please refer to the email

By sending the registration form participants accept the rules of the competition

Section On Stage Junior

It is required to upload a document proving the age of the participants (ex. Identity Card of the members of the chamber group

Participation in the competition is bound to payment of a registration fe

All payments can be made, indicating the motive " On stage Competition Registration" in one of the following ways:

  • transfer to c/c payable to On Stage Classical Music Association at IBAN: IT64E0335901600100000137818 SWIFT/BIC: BCITITMX, Banca Prossima, Filiale di Milano, 20121-Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10 - Milano
  • payment by credit card/paypal via the PayPal system, automatic at the time of register


The registration fee will not be refunded in any way except in the event that the Competition does not take place

Registration to the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of this regulation and any subsequent possible modification


Registration fee 

Senior section

The registration fee for each chamber group amounts to 150 € for each Duo or Trio chamber group. 

The registration fee amounts to 200 € for each chamber group (ensemble) from quartet to octet

Junior section

The registration fee for each chamber group amounts to 100 €   (from Duo to Octet)



The organizers reserve the right to make any changes deemed necessary to these rules