How did you start playing the piano?


It all started like a game. My mother always tells me I was a little child who really liked to sing, so she sent me to the little school of music in my city. I was just over three years old when I took part in the children's choir. A bit later, seeing that I had a lively curiosity towards what I can now call a life partner, I started taking piano lessons and from there my journey started. I certainly have to thank my parents who, despite not being professional musicians, recognized how important music was to me and always supported me.


 Was there any experience or meeting particulary important for your musical development?


Speaking about meetings I could easily name those with my teachers, present and past. I consider myself very lucky in having met and followed capable and dedicated teachers since I was a child. In particular, the meeting with my current teacher, M° Anna Kravtchenko, was decisive and essential for the development of my musical professionalism.


 How do you decide what repertoire to perform?


Usually I choose the repertoire according to my concert schedule and taste, even though I realized my preferences often vary according to the first, superficial impression I had of the piece. Actually, I learn to love and appreciate every single piece I study, just like what happens with books judged by their cover that, on the contrary, turn out to be jewels after they've been read. Generally I try to wander across all styles and study composers that I have not yet experienced. I believe that variety and comparison are essential for a complete development of critical thinking towards the pieces to be faced.


 Are there styles or composers that you find especially suitable to you? Why?


 I tend to be more comfortable with Romantic pieces rather than Classic or Baroque, even though I consider them fundamental. My musical taste and ease often change: in this period, for example, I love playing Liszt and Debussy.


 Are there any new compositions on which you are presently working?


Unfortunately, I don't think I have a talent for composition, even though it fascinates me and I would like, one day, to create something that is mine. I have to admit that I tried many times to write something but with poor results. In the future, however, I would like to enrich my path deepening my studies of composition.


 Do you play chamber music?


 Yes, I play chamber music and I adore it: being a pianist leads to spend most of the time alone so being able to play with other people that share your passion is fantastic. In addition to this, I think it's amazing to be able to share different opinions with the other members of the group in order to achieve a common musical goal. Once again, music becomes a universal language and means that connects.


How many hours a day/week do you play?


 It depends on my schedule and on how much repertoire I need to learn. It's very important that it is quality study rather than quantity study, but it's also true that especially during the preparation for competitions 7 or 8 hours of study per day are very easy to reach.


 In your opinion, what is your strenght in your playing?


Usually when people listen to me, they really appreciate my expressiveness and musicality.


 Do you have any hobby? Do you like reading?


In my spare time I like watching movies or doing physical activity. I love taking walks surrounded by the beauty of nature, be it the green woods with their symphonies of silent, magic life or the winter sea with its profound voice, as ancient as the world: I find it relaxing and regenerating, as well as inspiring. I love reading, too, and I try to reserve a little time of the day, everyday, for it. Right now I'm reading “The Loser” by Thomas Bernhard but among my all time favourites there are the novels by the Brontë sisters and Jane Austen.


 What plans do you have for the future? Concerts... recordings....


At the end of next academic year I will conclude my second Master here in Switzerland. Meanwhile, I will be busy with concerts and competitions. Among my next main appointments there are:  a solo recital in Switzerland on 18th of April, during “Elisarion Festival” in Minuso, a chamber music recital at “Società dei Concerti” in Milano in january 2019 and a concert with “Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana” (OSI) at the RSI in Lugano.